"Clomid" - a drug to stimulate ovulation

"Clomid" is a synthetic nonsteroidal drug. It is similar in structure to estrogen. The most widely used "Clomid" was found in ovulatory stimulant. In gipotalamusa it is able to bind to estrogen receptors, since it has with it a great similarity. "Real" estrogen in the end to determine the hypothalamus is more difficult, so the pituitary gland begins to allocate more stimulating the production of testosterone in men and estrogen in women gonadotropins.

"Clomid" due to its properties is actively used to stimulate ovulation and treatment of women suffering from premature extinction of ovarian function. But while typing buy clomid online cheap and looking for where to buy the product, it is necessary to consider that long-term use of it is dangerous, as the probability of developing ovarian cancer increases. Use this drug is after consultation with the attending physician and under his control.

Ovarian dysfunction-the main indication for the use of this drug. In disorders of ovulation to get pregnant women. Planning to buy the drug over the counter in an online pharmacy and typing buy online clomid no prescription , it should be borne in mind that "Clomid" is assigned only after the causes of the violation have been determined. To do this, experts carefully and fully examine the health of women and their menstrual cycle.

The reception time has a big role when using the drug for medicinal purposes. It is necessary to measure the temperature of the blood and examine the blood in order to determine ovulation. Welcome "Clomid" starts after the establishment of the fact of ovulation. The drug is usually prescribed on the fifth day of the cycle. The course lasts from three to six cycles. It is not recommended to use this tool for a longer period. \it is a potent medication, however, for female infertility it helps quite a lot. It is important to observe only a short time and right dose.

Brain while taking the "Clomid" receives signals about shortage in the body of the hormone estrogen. As a result, the level of gonadotropins increases, enhancing the production and stimulating the ovaries. And in the ovaries and adrenal glands hormone production is more intense. In the process of fertilization, this hormone is very important.

Contraindications to taking "Clomid" is pregnancy, ovarian cyst, vaginal bleeding. The liver women should work and have no pathologies. Treatment of male infertility with "Clomid" at this time being researched and is not well studied.

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